Prices for China's imported gas rise in December

01/23/2015       Author:       Source:CNGIA

 The average prices for imported gas in December in China ticked up from a month earlier, government data showed. But the prices were lower than year ago levels.



The price for gas piped in from central Asian countries and Myanmar averaged at US$9.71 per million British thermal units last month, up from the US$9.56 in November. The rise was due to the volume of the more expensive Myanmar gas ( compared with central Asian gas) almost doubled from November. Price for imports in December 2013 was US$9.78 per mmBtu.

The price for LNG shipped in through sea lanes averaged at US$12.09 per mmBtu, higher than the US$11.56 in November, because the price rises for term supplies from Australia, Malaysia and Indonesia more than offset price declines for LNG imported from other countries such as Qatar and Yemen. Imported LNG arrived at Chinese ports at US$13.8 on average in December 2013.