CNGIA annual industry conference to kick off next week

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 China's natural gas market is at a critical time of a significant change. Gas demand growth slowed following repeated gas price hikes and an ongoing weak economy. But the country aims at a fast increase in gas consumption, in addition to other clean energy, to reduce its heavy reliance on coal. A series of gas policies have been announced since 2014 and more are expected to come, which will shape its future path.  The National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) on Nov 18 announced that it will cut citygate gas prices by 0.7 yuan per cubic meter , or more than 20%, from Nov 20. This  is expected to provide some incentive for industry deveopment.

To help the international community understand the fast changes in China's gas market and promote the communications between gas industry professionals in China and the rest of the world, China Natural Gas Industry Association, in conjunction with Natural Gas, CBM and Pipeline Networks,  will organize a high-level industry meeting on Nov 25-27 November in Beijing.

Attendees will have a chance to network with  Chinese gas industry executives, gas equipment makers, gas utilities, gas trading companies and representatives from China 's major gas producers, as well as officials from China's industry regulating bodies, researchers from government think tanks, foreign companies based in China.

Major speakers at the congress include:

Xu Dingming, Deputy head of National Energy Leading Group Office, former energy bureau chief of NDRC

Shi Dinghuan, Director of China Renewable Energy Society, former head of general affairs at the Ministry of Science and Technology

Lu Zhongyuan, former deputy director of State Council Research and Development Center

Liu Manping, researcher at price monitoring center of NDRC

Wang Haibo, deputy head of natural gas research department of ETRI of CNPC

Chen Weidong, chief researcher at CNOOC Energy Research Institute

Tang Tinchuan, policy research department of CNPC

Xue Zhenkui, deputy chief engineer of CNPC pipeline bureau

Dong Xiucheng, professor at China Petroleum University

Bai Jun, deputy director of Institute of International Energy of NDRC

Zhou Tao, general manager of Haoqiwang of ENN


For information about the congress, please contact:

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